The future of Penetration Testing

Centrally managed penetration testing service for all sizes of business that will save you up to 40% on your testing costs

Penetration testing deploys highly skilled human minds against your defences. The quality of these minds is what you’re paying for, so it’s important to make sure the team doing the testing has recognised technical abilities, and ethical principles. We provide penetration testing, user testing and performance testing plus much more

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We use expert minds to identify & articulate cyber threats to your business; unearthing cyber security risks before they become real. A pioneering penetration testing platform that provides live information on cyber threats using fully vetted, hand matched expert testers. To deliver peace of mind to our clients by ensuring they know exactly what actions to take to prevent cyber threats becoming reality.

Manage your Internal/External Penetration Testing Teams

AVORD allows you to manage all your penetration testing no matter who is providing the service. Internal employees, traditional penetration testing consultancy contracts or AVORD testers, you can use the platform as your secure transfer and storage for all test findings. AVORD drives consistancy of reporting and allows access to live updates to all your penetration testing results in one single place.


Indepth and detailed make the right decision

We ensure that every tester on the AVORD platform provides full details of their capabilities and work history. We also provide a DBS check for any tester who joins the platform. AVORD is about openess and transparancy on costs, testers and process.

Reduce your penetration testing costs by up to 40%

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